Michelin & other tyre company artefacts in Clermont-Ferrand

Michelin, Europe's largest tyre company, has been based in the city of Clermont-Ferrand, France since 1832. There are a number of events related to art and collectibles associated with the company taking place in 2000.

ca1920 Michelin map from England

There is a small exhibition (right) taking place in the Hotel Mercure, 82 bd Gergovia (shown as bd F. Mitterand on some maps). This looks at publicity from a variety of tyre companies and should include examples of maps from Michelin, Hutchinson and Dunlop.
On 22 July 2000 there will be a swap meet (vente aux enchères d'objets publicitaires) focusing on Michelin publicity.

Michelin and other tyre company artefacts

Michelin and other tyre company artefacts
Photo © Ville de Clermont-Ferrand

The swap meet is in the Espace Multimédia at 3 rue Léo-Lagrange, about 3 minutes' walk from the Hotel Mercure, opposite a TOTAL filling station.

About 2km West of central Clermont, in the suburb of Chamalières, there is a summer long exposition on the art of Bibendum (the "Michelin man") at the contemporary art institute in av. de Fontmaure. This is only open on afternoons.

Finally, it is always worth looking in the Espace Michelin on place Victoire (the main square opposite the cathedral) as this sells a range of modern items including maps, guides, books about the history of Bibendum and Michelin branded clothing.


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