Easy Memory Game

Hidden under the tiles are 16 road maps from petrol companies - two each of 8 designs, all from different brands. See how many clicks you need to match all the pairs!
You may need to wait a few seconds for all the images to load, before starting the game. Have fun, and good luck!


So far, you have had tries.

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The maps in this game are from Amoco (1980), Burmah/Major/Apex (1980), Esso (1956), Fina (ca1969), Gulf (1963), Murco (ca1968), Regent (ca1961) and Total (1980). Most were prepared by Geographia or Map Productions Ltd, although the Esso was drawn by Edward Stanford Ltd.

Text, layout & game design © Ian Byrne, 2002

All original copyrights in logos and map extracts and images are acknowledged and images are included on this site for identification purposes only.