Raffinerie Belge des Petroles

Brief History
Antwerp’s oldest still operational refinery was opened in 1933 by the British Lianosoff White Oil Co. After the war it became RBP (or BPR in Dutch - Belgische Petroleum Raffinaderij), until it closed around 1977. Subsequently it was taken over by Universal Refining (a Korean company) and Nynäs (from Sweden), who still operate it today.


RBP map of Belgium

This map dates from 1958-1959 and is the only one known. The other cover is identical, but with French text. The map is drawn to a scale of 1:320,000, but no cartographer or printer is credited. RBP is thought to have only supplied independent distributors often operating unbranded service stations (Witte Pomp), so the RBP logo on the map is unlikely ever to have been used on filling stations.
Thanks to Michel Breugelmans for his help with this map.


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