Brief History
The Mex name was introduced by Mexican Eagle Petroleum before the First World War and used throughout Britain and Ireland. When Shell took full control of the company in 1921 the Irish assets were omitted from the deal and the Mex operation was sold instead to the McMullen family. They remain in control today, with affiliated operations in both Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic.


Maxol map of Ireland

The first road maps were issued by Mex in 1953, but few survive.
The map illustrated left dates from 1997 and was produced (in England) by the Automobile Association. A card cover encloses what is essentially a stock map of Ireland at the scale of 1:350,000. Small photographs of a Maxol stations show its slogan "Stick with Maxol The Irish Company".
Maxol has become the largest brand in the North in terms of station numbers in recent years, and has expanded in the South by acquiring Ola and surplus Jet stations following the latter's takeover by Statoil.


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