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Brief History

Shell was established in 1897 and is still the largest brand of petrol in Europe, with over 10% of the market and the only company with a presence in most main retail markets, although sometimes through franchisees. Shell companies were 40:60 owned by Britain's Shell Transport & Trading and the Netherlands' Royal Dutch from 1907 until 2005. As Shell's history is well documented, (eg. in A Century in Oil, published by Weidenfeld & Nicholson in London in 1997) this web site will concentrate on the maps themselves.

There are many Shell maps shown here, with the approximate number of images shown in brackets (parenthesis), so they will be split into the following pages:

Shell maps from 1915-47 (20)
Shell maps from 1948-62 (17)
Shell maps from 1962-72 (21)
Shell maps from 1973 to 1994 (18)
Recent Shell maps (1995 to date) (25)
Scenic maps from the 1930s in Germany (35)
    Post-war German Shell atlases (17)
Country overview: Shell maps from Britain (34)
    Shell road atlases from Great Britain (9)
    The Shell Pilot to the English Channel (9)
    The Shell-BP Shilling Guides from Britain (7)
Country overview: Shell Cartoguides from France (23)
    More special Shell maps from France (19)
Country overview: Shell maps from Italy (23)
Shell stratenboek atlases from the Netherlands (11)
Country overview: Shell maps from Denmark (22)
Subsidiary brands: Nynäs & Koppartrans (6)

  1985 Prentice-Hall/Shell map of Britain

Above right Of Europe, but not from Europe. A 1985 Mairs map of Great Britain repackaged for the US market by Prentice-Hall, Inc of New Jersey. The use of the Shell pecten is surprising, although the hackneyed photo cover of Big Ben and a London bus is not! The flash in the corner "Scale 25% Larger Than Other Maps" indicating a scale of 1:750,000 rather than the supposedly more common 1:1,000,000 is understandable hype, but fails to mention that UK domestic Shell maps were at the much larger scale of 1:200,000.

As well as Shell maps on this site, there is a 1979 Shell Guide to Good Mileage.

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